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Spring & Summer 2012

After the wettest winter ever perhaps, the country is now dry and needing some rain again to keep grass growing. It would have been hard to believe back in August when it never seemed to stop raining. Even the motorbike at times couldn't get up the main track and no chance off it.

Anyway it stopped raining for lambing and there hasn't been much since. I have had a bulldozer and digger here for two days tidying the tracks and digging out dams so now everything is in good shape again. The track out to the river which is about 10km is now so good to walk or ride.

The farm is covered with ewes with lambs while cows and calves are mainly out on the river paddocks before coming home in the New Year.

Greger is home from university today and will work here for the next 3 months until he has to go back. It is always good to have him here when we are busy weaning lambs and shearing in December. Then we drench lambs and bring the cows and calves home in January.

Of course Xmas and January our home is full with Emma and Shani here too with their friends. We take as much time as we can to take the boat out fishing and diving. They will go down to the rock diving and jumping off the ledges or go out to the river to swim in the pools.

It is always so full on with friends from all over the North Island staying in Mahia. The BBQ goes every night. It is good to get away too for a few days later in January.

We look forward to seeing you here. We love entertaining, cooking dinners and showing you the farm and glowworms.

Kind regards


7 days was not enough - a wonderful place to relax and wind down and soak up the atmosphere.

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